Lack of Libido in Women

What is Lack of Libido? Understanding low sex drive better

Over the years women tend to lose their sexual urges and lack of interest in sex increases by time. Various changes in life like pregnancy, menopause, marital issues etc may bring highs and lows due to which other things become priority in life and sexual life lags behind.

Also known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), low sexual desire in women can be a combination of mental and physical problems altogether, where it becomes important to identify the real cause in order to cure it completely and bring back the lost spark of intimacy in your relationship.

What are the symptoms of Low Libido?

Some of the common symptoms of Low sexual desire in women are as follows:

  • Little or no interest in any type of sexual activity, even in masturbation

  • Having reduced or declined erotic thoughts and fantasies

  • Lack of pleasure in sexual activity

  • Having no interest in initiating sexual activity

What are the causes of Lack of Libido in females?

Stress and depression can hamper the hormonal balance in the body; it can distract your mind off from sexual desires by interfering into blood flow and its ability to change the biochemistry of body may result into reduced sex drive. Consuming alcohol or drug can damage your central nervous system which weakens the sexual arousal. Medical conditions (vaginismus, vaginal dryness etc.) and medications used for various diseases can lower secretion of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone leading towards diminished libido. Pregnancy and menopause brings numerous changes in functioning of female reproductive system causing lack of interest in sex. Relationship issues and lack of time are other factors causing disinterest in females towards sexual intimacy.

What is the best ayurvedic medicine for Low Sexual Desire in women?

Ayurvedic treatment from Beautiful Bosom is a unique formulation of traditional natural herbs and biominerals which is highly effective to enhance libido by improving blood circulation to the genital area and stimulating testosterone to promote electrifying sensation while sexual intercourse making lovemaking activity pleasing and satisfying.

This ayurvedic treatment consists of essential contents such as shatavari, shilajit, ashwagandha, safed musli, swarnapatra, lauh bhasma, akarkara, swarna bhasma, vajra bhasma, kauch beej and kesar makes it natural libido enhancer for women. It provides nourishment to rejuvenate whole female reproductive system to cure other female sexual disorders also like vaginismus, dryness in vagina, leucorrhoea, frigidity, and infertility which are somehow responsible for low libido. Regular use of ayurvedic treatment from Beautiful Bosom brings significant change in your sexual life making you highly proactive, energetic and full of life.

What food is good for sex drive?

High in magnesium and catechin spinach and green tea wok wonder to improve blood circulation to the extremities enabling women to arouse sexually. Drinking coffee and red wine relaxes mind and triggers fantasies and erotic thoughts. Gorging on dark chocolate, strawberries, and black raspberries transforms mind set in order to get into the mood, reduces stress and improves sexual performance. Figs, ginseng, fatty fish and saffron are known for boosting up libido, enhance overall sexual health and fertility.

Beautiful Bosom-Tips to revive your libido again

  • Don’t let your emotions have a direct impact on your sexual desires and urges. It is important to give a value to your libido and do not suppress it for having a mood swing.

  • Practising meditation, yoga or a walk in the park helps you get relax and brings mental peace enabling you to have a control anxiety and depression.on stress,

  • Be concerned about what you eat as it has an impact on your body and mind. Having food rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids helps to increase your libido and fertility.

  • Be sexy. Have a new haircut, shop for some amazing jaw dropping outfits which makes you feel sexy no matter what your age is.

  • Get an ayurvedic treatment for enhancing libido naturally and be sexually fit as only ayurveda comes with a comprehensive approach to cure all your sexual disorders safely and naturally, without any side effects.

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