What is Vaginal Tightening?

Sexual relationship is an important aspect for both men and women. In order to experience intense love making activities with pleasure and satisfaction it becomes really necessary for female vaginal passage to hold the grip over male reproductive organ so that both the partners can enjoy the activity to the utmost. The condition of loosen vagina shows an adverse effect on sexual relationship as the nerves of female reproductive organ tends to lose their sensitivity and loosen grip brings dissatisfaction in both the partners. Moreover, this disorder also affects lubrication causing vaginal dryness making intercourse extremely painful.

Looseness of vagina may cause various physical and psychological problems in a woman such as stress incontinence, disappointment, frustration, anger, lack of confidence and low self esteem. It may also bring her libido down making her sexual urges to die. It is advised that both the partners must understand this condition from each other’s point of view to overcome and make their martial life happy again.

What are the major causes for the looseness of vagina?

There are various causes responsible to loosen genital cell walls making vagina loose and look saggy and fluffy. Childbirth is among temporary reasons bringing looseness to the vagina as after giving birth to a child the elasticity of cell walls may disrupt due to wide stretches and tears but later vagina itself returns to its natural shape. However practising Episiotomy, a surgical procedure, for the proper delivery of child can cause some looseness due to tear but it can be fixed with stitches. Another common reason is ageing; while reaching 40’s estrogen level likely begins to drop down due to which vagina tends to lose its elasticity and flexibility, becomes thinner, drier and less stretchy with age. The severe changes can be seen when you reach to menopause from premenopausal stage.

What are the problems with loose vagina?

Major problems with loose vagina are as follows:

Stress Incontinence:It is a very serious and uncomfortable condition where due to weakening of pelvic floor muscles bladder loses its control over holding urine back and fails to resist stress which occurs upon physical activities such as sneezing and coughing.

Difficulty in holding grip Inability of vaginal muscles to contract back makes you loose, affecting your sexual life negatively. It doesn’t fulfil your goal of enjoying sexual activity. A loose vagina cannot give the satisfaction you and your partner are looking for.

Low Libido: Inability to hold male reproductive organ tight brings dissatisfaction and discontent making it difficult to achieve orgasm. This displeasure of lovemaking drops down sexual desire and libido in women.

What is the best ayurvedic treatment for vaginal tightening?

Derived from unique and traditional herbs ayurvedic treatment from Beautiful Bosom is an extremely powerful formulation to tighten and tone your vaginal walls as before. Pure herbs from “Mother Nature” are very beneficial in removing stress incontinence and restoring the firm grip making sexual penetration more pleasurable and satisfying for both the partners. This herbal treatment is very helpful in opening blocked blood capillaries to enhance blood circulation and stimulate nerves to increase sensation for more enjoyable climaxes. Classified herbs like shatavari, aloe vera, amla, witch hazel, manjakani, gulab, juhi, suhaga and curcuma comos are highly effective to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and make them thicker, flexible and suppler.

Natural active ingredients of the treatment nourish female reproductive system making it more youthful and active. Its unmatchable healing properties eradicate itching, dryness and irritation. Being antibacterial it removes all the bacterial and fungal infections by maintaining PH balance.

Regular use of this ayurvedic treatment naturally promotes arousal, improves sexual health and maintains lubrication. Also helpful in treating vaginal discharge (Leucorrhoea) and menstrual pain it is getting popular with females of every group and age. Proven treatment for female sexual disorders this ayurvedic treatment works wonder to make women enthusiastic lover in bed.

Vaginal Tightening tips from Beautiful Bosom

  • A natural diet is the first thing to think about, including fenugreek, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, pomegranates, soybeans, carrots, wholegrain wheat, apples and animal meat in your diet helps to strengthen and repair pelvic floor muscles, stimulates estrogen level and keeps you strong and healthy.

  • Practising kegel for 15-20 minutes daily along with the recommended ayurvedic treatment from Beautiful Bosom makes it the most effective way to get back your vagina in its original shape and size with natural elasticity.

  • Other options of medicine (such as allopathic, surgeries) can be effective but are temporary in nature, whereas ayurveda offers ultimate permanent results for lifelong and that without any side effects.

  • Ayurvedic treatment from Beautiful Bosom is natural, safe and most promising way of tightening your vaginal walls and restoring its firmness.

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